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Hi, I’m Betsy Moyer.

As an avid blogger and social presence online, I spend more time than not thinking about how to craft every experience I am having into one that I can document with words and images.

I currently reside happily in Santa Monica where you can find me out exploring bars, beaches, bike paths, thrift stores and other nooks and crannies for the creative. I hail from North Carolina and subsequently field lots of questions about the provenance of my Southern accent. I’m very proud of home and will gladly talk with you about it should you ask!

My background in website development has roots in the LA startup scene where I came up quickly with web design firm,The Design People, Inc. My creative and administrative edge quickly found me on the executive committee for one of Inc. 5000’s, “Fastest Growing Private Companies in America” and Deloitte Technology’s, “Fast 500 Company.”

Before moving to California, I worked as a Marketing and Community Management Director at the Hickory Museum of Art. I graduated from the University of North Carolina, Greensboro with a bachelor’s degree in Art History, and concentration in Museum Development.

More recently, my winding career path led me to KCRW where I worked for several years, guiding the station’s official social media accounts while overseeing over 10 WordPress and Tumblr blogs authored by various KCRW personalities including DnA’s Frances Anderton, Traffic Queen Kajon Cermak and the full suite of KCRW DJs as led by intrepid publicity director, Rachel Reynolds. In my time with KCRW, the social media audience grew from under 30k to well over 400,000 followers and fans. There was never a dull moment with that many passionate music lovers and public radio fans to manage.

Additionally, I worked diligently to create lasting partnerships with the industry standard platforms through which this community connected with our brand. I was constantly pursuing new means to share the station’s unique content in the digital realm. As a result I was a connecting point between KCRW and companies like Google, Spotify, YouTube, Rdio, SoundCloud, iTunes, iHeartRadio, Shazam, Stitcher, TuneIn, Instagram, Sonos and even MySpace.

I left KCRW in August of 2013 to pursue my own voice online, writing for various publications and contributing to others, like Los Angeles Magazine, The Estate of Things, The Audio Muffin, etc.

These days I serve OnClick Marketing Group as Creative Director, working hand in hand with the founders to bring into focus the Social Media & Content Marketing strategies that complement the skill and success that the group has developed with their work in SEO and SEM.

I’m a professional dabbler and always have more than a handful of passion projects moving along. My longest running commitment belongs to The Estate of Things, a blog about interior design, home decor, and renovation. TEOT is in it’s own evolution with recent incorporation, and the launch of a full suite on home decor products as well as creative design services from home decor to historic renovation.

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I write and write. I love writing. I write in my journal, I blog, I craft long emails full of detailed information for work, I write long messages full of emo narrative to my loved ones, I write training materials, I write marketing copy, I write SEO content for websites, I write about music, about interior design, about vintage campers and business process analysis and more recently – due to all of this writing…. I’ve taken up writing about writing (more specifically social media)! See THE BLOG section of for more!


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