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When I quit my job at KCRW, I felt a surge in support from tons of folks, from all walks of life. Family, friends, colleagues, even people that I’d never met yet felt a real friendship with through social media….

NPR seeks Unicorn / Community Manager

NPR is looking for a Community Manager for their Culver City location. This is an excellent opportunity for the right person! Being a community manager is TOUGH work and while it’s very much an exciting new frontier for career choices,…

Lifestyle Blogger for LA Magazine!

One of the developments in this exciting time is a writing gig that I got with Los Angeles Magazine. For now I’m starting out with a once weekly contribution to their Lifestyle and Fashion blog, The Clutch! Yes, those of…

Full Time Blogger

Full Time Blogger

I quit my job, and now I’m a fulltime blogger! At least that is how I have decided to position myself, since a certain level of insecurity swells in my throat if I say “unemployed.” I’m doing the whole soul…