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Getting Quoted Feels Pretty Great!

I suppose I’ve been quoted before, but not sure it’s ever been among such cool company. Check me and Omar Epps out here. I said: “There’s a battle for the living room and the internet is literally swelling and encroaching…

No Big Deal

Though my most ambitious association to Susan Orlean is due to a Charlie Kaufman movie called Adaptation, it’s still wicked cool to me that I had this online brush with her! That movie is probably on my top 10 of…

Thanks Y’all

Last week, Matt Holzman pulled me out of a strategy meeting and puts a microphone to my face and directs me “Say thanks y’all” My entire HONEST reaction ended up in the most recent “KCRW THANKS YOU” promo… on air…….

Twitter Design Guidelines

Twitter Design Guidelines

As mentioned briefly last week, Twitter has released new Brand Pages. Here’s some scoop from the Twitter Blog. I got a message from my friend Frank today, asking if I had seen any of the live examples yet. I don’t know…