Not right now honey, Mommy’s busy building her brand….

I saw this subject line come through on some ridiculously overwhelming SXSW stream from mashable. Thinking about all of the bloggers and social marketers that are here for the Interactive portion of SXSW makes me feel a little envious. I am forever forever grateful to KCRW for sending me with a $700 music pass to see countless numbers of bands this week for sure, but I would’ve been completely comfortable geeking out with the computer nerds for the first few days instead of camping out with my laptop configuring all of my social nets in preparation for the Music festivities.

This line inspired me though to come release some mouth vomit about the blogging business. I blog alot y’all. I don’t know if you know the extent exactly to which I blog. It’s ridiculous.,,,,,,,, kcrwmusicblog, kcrwfoodblog, kcrwfilmblog, kcrwcultureblog, etc. etc. I manage over 8 facebook fan pages, and four separate twitter accounts, four friend feeds, countless numbers of twitterfeeds, I have about 6 twitter apps downloaded to my phone, and am currently bouncing back and forth in trial mode between 3 desktop twitter clients. I’m still looking for the best way to track stats on the social nets…. and speaking of stats, in addition to tracking google analytics on over 20 websites, I just dove head first into Google Adwords and Keyword research. I have accounts with more than a handful of social bookmarking websites as well, though I’ve never fully adopted the community aspect of those, I’ve only scratched at their value as a way to market my blogs. I’ve downloaded and tweaked tons of wordpress themes and plugins….

This all really makes me want to be self-employed again. I kinda miss the days of sitting around in comfy clothes, drinking coffee all day and just banging out content, adding to the mass of the internet. My voice, my tastes, my desires, my whims, my expert opinions, me me me. What a self-indulging career path. I’m so into it. I’m not a mommy yet… But this niche of bloggers is particularly interesting to me. Seriously – this group of bloggers really rises to the top in terms of building a legitimate industry out the most innate quality of living, motherhood.

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