Gordon Voidwell has been my go to party jams for the past little bit.

Certainly harkening the energies of Prince, a splash of Duran Duran, & such other nostalgic influence. The impression of the 1990s, particularly RnB, is my new favorite thing to keep my eye out for! Not amiss however are the so very right the F now bloopitydeeetddeeeets of pistol whips and other modern electronic formula.

Meanwhile, Gordon Voidwell seems to be taking himself perfectly seriously in regards to the modern fabric of music, (in my opinion). I like what he had to say when asked about new music predictions.

This lil snippet was taken from a Huffington Post Interview for your affirmative resonance!!

It will be something by a band that is from brooklyn (but actually from elsewhere). It will have guitars, but also an electronic or sampled sound. It will not sound nearly as good live as it does on the record and it will be produced by someone from another, bigger band. Take your pick.

Gordon Voidwell Ivy League Circus

Gordon Voidwell Cloud 9 Vertigo

The cool blue filter on his video makes me think of how many band album covers are washed out vintage looking photos.

How many HIPSTAMATIC photos do you think are on Facebook right now? and now there are video filters as well!

Im perfectly convinced that a day at the beach, captured w/ my iphone via this app, w/ some neon graphic slapped atop in iVideo might be THE ANSWER for a low budge video solution for any DIY band. GO.DO. and share your YouTube link with me!!

Bonus!! Here is a remix by the artist Das Racist
Gordon Voidwell Remix of Das Racist Shorty Said

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