It is clear that James Blake has a love obsession with the deepest register of the bassiest of bass sounds he can muster with his electronic setup. Hailing from the UK, hes been making waves with the release of several EPs but the recent dive into the vocal arena brought him to my attention.

Hes punctuated the Feist song Limit to Your Love with his snazzy British accent and has taken it over with an aesthetic that will at times leave you feeling like youre bouncing in and out of a slumbery series of flashbacks to the moment when you let go of your lovers hand and fell thousands of feet below in the cavernous belly of some unknown and infinite machine. I love Feist.. love her. but Ill never again choose her version over this one. James Blake has made it his own song to me and it would be a short list if I were to pen down the bulleted items that feel as great as the warbling pan of base between my two ears with these Bose headphones on. (Thanks for the headphones Hot Dog, I think youll particularly like this guy b/c of his similarities to Jamie Lidell.)

Theres A Limit to Your Love (Feist Cover)


I Only Know (What I Know Now)

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