So, I just did a personality analysis based on my twitter account (see below) and my spacey/valley girl score cracks me up. That the UPBEAT marks are pretty high is no surprise! The application to my online social sharing habits makes perfect sense. Holy Holler Bill Y’all this is sooooo RADICAL you’re gonna LOVE it, shit yer britches, the latest most awesomest I LOVE everything more than life itself, the Universe is now better b/c of this [link]…..

BUT SERIOUSLY. You should check out my article on AudioMuffin today b/c I have a new Fav Band. REPTAR on AUDIOMUFFIN!

Meanwhile, here’s what the analysis looks like. What is YOUR Twitter Personality Analysis?

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  • haha!! Amara.
    Your are so plugged in!!

    I think this chart is hilarious… in the way an ‘average’ ‘depressed’ score can make you ask yourself if you have a problem.

    I’m with you – we can validate ourselves elsewhere!! Holler if you have any fun new analysis tools that you stumble upon!!

    Yah… SXSW

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