Hootsuite totally strong armed me into entering into a paid plan with them in order to keep up with the efficient paradigm of multiple social media account management. I guess it’s worth my $5 a month or whatever it is. Here’s a look at the ridiculous number of accounts I choose between each time I sent out an update….

Whatever. The reason why I’m telling you this……. is b/c despite my dislike for their new freemium model (b/c I don’t like change when change involves me giving away my money,) they have quelled the disdain a bit by offering an affiliate program. Eh…. unlikely that this means anything for my wallet in the long run…

Anyway, give me and Hootsuite your money here and be on your way to scheduling tweets and facebook page updates, and building out super helpful search columns so that you can easily navigate the intense river of information that is twitter. Its definitely a sure way to become a power twitterer!

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