#pubmedialive!: Building a New Community

Tuesday night I hit the freeway for the slow trek from Santa Monica to Pasadena. My destination — a panel discussion put on by KPCC and KCET about “the struggles currently facing public media bloggers”. It was the first of what is slated to be a series that puts public media content creators together to share their woes.

#pubmedialive!: Integrity vs. Page Views

For me personally, it was a fantastic opportunity to put some faces to the names of folks that spend their days and lives gnawing at the same mission that my colleagues and I are set to.

Here’s what I walked away with:

  1. NPR’s Mike Thompson is a stellar presenter. He flew through 36 slides in 14.9 minutes and made BIG POINTS. My favorite being….
    His whole slideshow was rad, see it all here.
  2. KCET’s Community Manager, Kim Bui spoke to harnessing the power of the community – and the passion that she seems to have for involving it online through hyper-localized engagement & providing a platform for those voices to be heard.
  3. Molly Peterson was a standout in personality. The KPCC field environmental reporter (turned blogger) embodied the struggle that the panel title implied the most. She really wants some traffic y’all…. please – go to her site.
  4. Gary Dauphin, though an experienced journalist himself, was the tech man on panel. With each stroke he found a way to merge the reality that one must always consider the platform on which you are building your content and community while simultaneously giving purposeful consideration for the community that you are trying to reach as well as the community inside yourself. (that’s deep y’all, he was talking about the community of humanity- to which we all belong in crossovers of sects and subsects.)
  5. Zach Behrens is a bit magical in his savvy. His ability to articulate examples of taking dichotomous issues and finding ways to directly relate them to the reader was a tip that I hope everyone walked away with. He’s clearly in the right industry.
  6. Lastly, from Q&A, Will Coley asked a great question…. and it musta stumped everyone on panel – cause I don’t think we got an answer! (Perhaps the question itself could be the answer.)

Kajon, KCRW Traffic Queen & the voice behind our KCRW Shortcuts Blog sent me a note along these same lines (she also mentioned that someone on the panel said it themselves……) but I definitely walked away feeling this:

“integrity vs. page views” are not mutually exclusive… Good content creates more page views.

More to come… I’m excited to get to know these folks and build a community of our own.

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