Honest Social Interaction with Fans

This happened..

Dear KCRW,
I just found your music channel last week. Its good. The music is different and broad. But the continual asking for money makes it nearly as commercial as a  for-profit radio station. I support pub rad.

and I did this.

Dear Listener,
We are honored that you are enjoying the music you found! Thank you for supporting Public Radio! I completely understand that listening to the pitch for donations repeatedly may seem at first a little toilsome.

These asks really do inspire our listeners to donate, and these donations help make it possible to provide the music programming that we admire – as well as all of the other great programming that KCRW produces!! Personally, even with the consistent reminders that public radio is supported by its listeners, I still find the listening experience far superior to the one I have in listening to a commercial radio station! What about you!?

Would you consider donating today!? Haha!!! Just Kidding!
But seriously, thank you for supporting us with your feedback and for understanding the format that helps to keep us afloat!


What do you think? Would he donate, or turn away!? He totally donated! He really did!!!

Also – this is hilarious!!

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