Social Giving – How to raise money with Social Media?

This is really uncharted territory in many ways for me. I joined up with some ladies to go on a philanthropic road trip sponsored by Chevy to SXSW hoping that I might really learn some tricks for how to raise money on the web. I should tell that story another day. I feel like I’m always sitting with the thought on the back-burner – for how to do it. There must be some really great idea for how to use these social platforms to bring in dollars from our supporters! I need to do some deep thinking.

Meanwhile, here are some notes on a few of the specific fund-raising/giving efforts that I’ve been a part of since my time here.

The Groupon partnerships were all incredible successes for our Social Spread. We happily pushed links to the Groupon site, and saw a lot of reaction via Twitter. We saw retweets from other LA media influencers in the social scape, and many of the KCRW staff (which are a social force for the KCRW name on twitter) stepped in to spread the word as well. What was the deal? $50 memberships for $25.

The #SupportKCRW hashtag is used tirelessly during KCRW Pledge Drives – and we encourage our twitter fans to help us spread the word by appending that tag to messages that encourage giving during the drive. We do not have specific statistics on the effectiveness in turning these tweets into dollars – however we do see a great deal of support with the response that we get from others in the community that help us to spread our word.

This is another social experiment – it is an organization that sets up giving to charity organizations using the leftover change model. Basically you connect your bank account with this service, and they tally all of your expenses – rounding all purchases up to the next dollar amount and donating the monthly total to the charity of your choice at the end of each month.

This is really pledge drive director, Laura’s baby and so she deserves the shout out – but we also built a store online out of premiums – and we used a Facebook photo album to push out special deals to our KCRW FB fans – to let them know that they could buy products from us and support us at the same time.

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