Q: How is it that my monthly active users far exceeds the number of ‘likes.’

1. How do we get active users to ‘like’ us?
2. In the realm of the meaning of fb data is monthly active users just as important as ‘likes?’
3. What do we use this data for by the way?

I’m always wanting to boost the likes– but I don’t know if that’s just an ego driven thing on my part.  I’d appreciate your thoughts…

The likes are a good tool for measurement of course, so growing that number is more than just an ego boost though it bodes well for that! It actually means more of our content is automatically put in front of more eyes via the FB stream. Users that opt to “like” us will have our content pushed into their streams dependent upon Facebook’s algorithm which is becoming more and more elusive.

However, having more active users than likes is interesting, and kind of awesome! If  more people are actually engaging by sharing/commenting/liking – that spreads the actual content further and it feels better than knowing that 1,159 people had a piece of KCRW The Business content that possibly fed to their wall…

What your stats say is:
#1,769 people engaged with you and your content this week.
#1,159 might have seen your content this week.

I would imagine that the more “active users” we get would mean that our number of “likes” grow intrinsically, but seriously – right now, I’m not sure that “likes” for brands are going to mean exactly what they did before — particularly with the changes that facebook is making. We’ll have to bend w/ the changes and figure out how to keep up!

Either way, the goal is the same, we still want to put the most engaging content and shareable thoughts and media out there. Because we want more and more people to ENGAGE w/ our content and have conversations over it.

Lastly, Ya. I share this data w/ staff when they ask for it. Also, its just nice to have a regular idea of growth and engagement for the week, to keep tabs on what was working and to think about what was going on if its slow!

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  • Very interesting. I had always wondered what the diff is between likes and monthly active users. thanks. Now the question is how do you get so many LIKEs on your page? I see you have 77,042. That is incredible.

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