As mentioned briefly last week, Twitter has released new Brand Pages. Here’s some scoop from the Twitter Blog.

I got a message from my friend Frank today, asking if I had seen any of the live examples yet. I don’t know how they decide which accounts get the update, but my BetsyKCRW account did. So, I let him have at my login info so he could take a look for himself. As a result, he asked if I knew anyone that could benefit from a “Twitter Design Guidelines” info-graphic. I suggested he upload it to, the cool info-graphic community where I was able to create My Twitter Profile in Visual Data. I think that community is really cool, and I’m excited to keep my eye on it.

Frank is helping out some friends over at Placements Media, so they got a nice shout in the infographic below. Click the graphic to see it in its full glory on the site.

  • Did you get the new twitter layout yet? Do you feel totally privileged or what?
  • Do you manage a “brand” on twitter?
  • Do you wonder how Twitter will define BRAND?
  • What’s the difference between a person on twitter, and a brand on twitter?
  • Are people… brands?


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