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I’m not sure if these social media experts are trying to sell me on Google+, or if they are seeing a future that I just haven’t seen yet. I WANT TO SEE IT. But, as of right now – the G+ platform is a lackluster experience for me personally. Before I felt I was being told to use Google+ INSTEAD of Facebook to upload my private family moments, b/c I can control who can see what with CIRCLES.

I recently read this suggested article, and one part stuck out. Its why I’m here to share my thoughts:

Its architecture, which encourages people to speak with strangers, leave lengthy replies, and customize the information they see, allows Google+ to occupy its own niche, users say. Their descriptions suggest the potential for a social media trifecta: Facebook as social network, Twitter as information network and Google+ as interest network. – HuffPo

I can agree that it’s nice to point out that the 3 can co-exist for different purposes without having to compete with one another.

But, its interesting to note that Google+ seems to have strayed from the organize your personal life info and tuck it into private Circles….. Now, I see this “interest” direction. Perhaps they mean – the interests that are of a private matter. How many of us are closet Comic-Con frrrrreaks, and totally unwilling to come out with it? Are you dying to commune with like minded nerds?

Do you want to do that by logging on to Google+ and releasing all your inner-demons while sharing your OkCupid experience with “DeviantArtChick420?”

Doesn’t Google+ know that reddit and FourChan are already teeming with a really bonded community of folks swarming around topics that they can’t share with – well ANYONE who they have to look in the eye? Anonymity isn’t a model to scoff at.

But, the trinity! Yes, I’m beginning to like the idea of it. If it works for Google+, I’m into it. I like the philosophy. I just don’t think they are gonna pull this off. Meanwhile, let’s take a look at the three together. Tell me what you think:


Twitter is happy hour. It’s a cocktail party. It’s a cross between rubbing elbows with like minded industry professionals, and schmoozing with co-workers over topics of interest that you didn’t previously know you shared. Not so much deep discussion…. small talk. On Twitter, everyone is different…. It’s a public place for strangers to look in on each other and share new ideas and content.

The Holy Social – AKA Facebook

Here you can curate your friends and share your ENTIRE life in a more meaningful way. Remember that Don Draper Facebook Timeline video that came out around the initial announcement of the new FB layout… I wanna embed it for you, but they won’t let me.

Don Draper Presents Facebook Timeline10000 Times better presentation than Zuck had done it a view days ago… found somewhere on youtube…

Embedly Powered

The Interest – AKA Google+

I’m not sure what this is the analogy yet. Help me out. I’m thinking they want us to lean toward nerd convention. Like Comic-Con???

  • Are you adopting Google+?
  • Are you using it to really explore your interests?
  • Do you think that Twitter TOTALLY one upped this logic with their awesome new #Discover navigation tab?
  • Are you REALLLLLLY using Google+?

Is this who you’re hanging out with on Google+?

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