Facebook TIMELINE… not for Brands YET

I gave you a sneak peek at Twitter Brand Pages the other day…. even rolled out a TWITTER DESIGN GUIDELINES infographic. Now, here is your sneak peek at Facebook’s new TIMELINE feature for brands. Love you Coca-Cola!

This is very much just a concept that I grabbed from a Mashable announcement. Read their thoughts here. ┬áMake sure to cruise the other brand pages they mocked up. I’m curious if we will really get to play with gradients, top navigation bar color and background images in the way that these are imagined. #Doubtit.

You can bet I’ve pinged Frank to see if he’s willing to create another helpful resource for Facebook brand pages when it’s time. Stay tuned.

I got excited about the timeline rollout and pulled together a KCRW Logo at the right dimensions for the cover image. We’ll see if anyone bites, but you can check it out on my Facebook page here. Click this image if you love KCRW and want to use our logo for your cover image… or just click it to open up an image at the correct dimensions. 800×300 will do the trick.

  • What do you think of the new Facebook Timeline feature for your personal use?
  • Are you totally stoked to fill in a history of photos, stretching back to birth?
  • Can you imagine how cool it will be for KCRW to catalog their history on their timeline, there are so many cool photos from back in the day.┬áJust today I uploaded one of Tom Schnabel and Fela Kuti from 1986 into his World Music Blog, Rhythm Planet.


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