It’s happening! KCRW’s Music Mine Spotify App

The KCRW Music Mine app for Spotify presents a curated music discovery experience for the Spotify user. AND IT IS DONE! We just got the bill from our development team at PRX. We now impatiently await the approval process from Spotify. I can’t BELIEVE we were able to get this approved and spit out in less than 2 weeks and now we can do nothing but sit on our hands waiting for Spotify.

Promise you this though, once it’s released, you’re gonna love it.

The app presents a grid-like display of up to 100 artists at a time, handpicked by the station’s world famous DJ staff, and is updated daily in tandem with our on air playlists. This means we’ve perfectly married man and machine by AUTOMATICALLY providing you with HAND SELECTED collection of tunes, put together by HUMANS – beautiful KCRW Tastemaker Humans!! Enjoy the regularly refreshed playlists by KCRW DJs, and explore individual artists that have the KCRW stamp of approval. It’s gonna be RAD!

  • Are you using any apps for Spotify?
  • Did you have any favorites?
  • What kind of apps would YOU like to see built on the Spotify platform?


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