What’s Popping Off on KCRW’s Twitter Account?

The BAIN of my existence is trying to create compelling language for routine subject matter….. all in an effort to get people to CLICK……… Here’s what the week looked like in top tweets generating traffic. Looks like MOSTLY folks are going for the witty banter about music. DUH.


179: RIP Adam Yauch. KCRW Pays Tribute to the Late Member of The Beastie Boys http://ow.ly/aIouG @EricJLawrence @AnthonyValadez & @MarioCotto

60: After 20 years of making music, Glen Hansard’s finally released a solo record that stretches his own boundaries: http://ow.ly/aKXdm

51: Tonight George Clooney is hosting a big Obama fundraiser at his home in Studio City, reportedly $40,000/plate. http://ow.ly/aPVhe

32: If you’re worried about the new Best Coast album: don’t be. It’s amazing. Listen to it here on #KCRW’s Album review: http://ow.ly/aOc1V

31: BEST COAST. Now that I have your attention, their new album, The Only Place, is streaming on KCRW for a WEEK. http://ow.ly/aObId

24: Having heard the Beach House album preview on #KCRW, I’m just sitting here wondering why everyone else hasn’t. http://ow.ly/aOeKE

22: Funny enough today’s free Top Tune, “Danza Del Millionario”, is great even if you DON’T have a million bucks. Huh. http://ow.ly/aKVyk

22: Best Coast and Beach House for album previews this week? We’re trying to get you ready for summer, people! http://ow.ly/aOevK

12: What were you doing when you were 16? Mirel Wagner was busy penning this gem. Here’s “To the Bone”, free on #KCRW: http://ow.ly/aJNkw


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