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It’s about that time to begin thinking about the KCRW Masquerade in terms of social media. Last year we really went for it at the party by hosting a Photobooth Costume Contest on site, with voting via Facebook. One thing that I know going in – the party is one of LA’s finest for the ghoulish holiday, so I don’t have to work overtime to spread awareness just to get tickets purchased! I LOVE this, because it affords the opportunity to get a little more creative with simply spreading good will and celebrating the party itself. This is preferable to tiring out our community that maybe aren’t in the area, that can’t come – and don’t want to be bombarded with markety messaging. This community of almost 100k is more apt to enjoy getting a glimpse at the costumes from our attendees and seeing some visuals that might re-enforce their relationship with our brand. I feel MUCH better about this, than asking them repeatedly to attend an event that they simply can’t get to.

We partnered up with LA Photo Party, and they brought in the equipment, staff and their super cool ipad app and that was all we needed! All we had to do was slide over some artwork with which they would brand all of the photos!

The photo party upload app is available on the app store – which is awesome! But this is what it does….. and why its so cool.

  1. Wirelessly transfer your photos from camera to the ipad
  2. Brand the photos w/ your event logo!
  3. Share the photos directly and INSTANTLY from ipad to Facebook, Twitter or Email (it’s super user friendly)
  4. Print photos directly from the iPad. $$$
  5. Capture email addresses!

We ended up with 1600 photo uploads to FB/Twitter & Email! The party holds about 4,000 people – so that’s a good chunk of the attendance of this MASSIVE party that went through the line, and boy was it a line! It was amazing how long people were willing to stand and wait to get a picture…. but believe me – after you’ve invested the time to put the costume together, this is a GREAT way to memorialize it and SHARE with your friends!

We added in an opt in message for participants to choose if they wanted to enter their photo into the Photo Costume Contest, and after the evening was over, LA Photo Party handed me a flash drive with all of the willing participants’ photos on it. I believe we could have had the team automatically send all of the photos over to the KCRW Facebook page, but if you recall at that time – Facebook photo albums didn’t automatically group up as one post while photos were added over time – so I was nervous to flooooooood out the streams of our followers with hundreds of photo posts throughout the night. I’ll reconsider this for 2012.

At any rate, the next day I manually uploaded the photos (weeding out any duplicate entries) and they filled up several facebook albums. From there, I asked people to locate themselves, tag…. and then start spreading the word to their friends. Not only was Henry Rollins going to select his favorite costume of the finalists, but the photo with the most amount of likes & comments would also win a prize.

The contest spread out over a full week – and we got tons of activity and engagement. Click here to find the 10 finalists on our FB page.! Henry Rollins…… and the public chose Batman Samurai as the winner!

Me and my homies stopped in to participate!

Here is a video look at the Social Media driven Costume Contest from last year!


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