I’m not ashamed to utilize a volunteer to help me out with a few carefully guided tasks on behalf of KCRW. In fact, I recently went so far as to post a sign by the front desk, where we regularly stock a couple of young and super sharp students looking to serve the station by answering phones and taking care of awesome projects!

This reminds me of a recent post by my friend Kate Shaw, a very social media savvy chick who runs her own consulting agency.

It begs the question, is it okay to have these folks out there making moves on behalf of the KCRW brand?

Admittedly, we are public media — there just isn’t the luxury of hiring a community manager as well as a social media manager to guide that person on their daily moves. I’m sure that you can relate if you’ve ever worked for a non-profit, b/c while both of these fall under my area of responsibility, they aren’t the only consideration throughout my day to day!  We need all the help we can get in this world!

So, I’ve taken to utilizing these fine folks to help get some activity on the social nets on behalf of our brand, and I feel pretty good about it. I’ve been careful to design the projects in such a way that bears in mind the risks. I don’t take this lightly, I believe that things can go terribly wrong in major way if you speak out of turn publicly! So, believe me – this is a process!

Here are a few examples of some projects that I’ve set into the laps of these eager and willing volunteers! They’ve all been GREAT, and I’m SUPER THANKFUL for the help.

The volunteer should have good command of english language, and be a bit creative with conversational tone. No opinions, just love and thanks and awesome notes! Always use a WE voice, never an I voice….. and be mindful of grammar. As a rule, KCRW doesn’t take a language shortcut, so regardless of how much  u luv LOLspeak, remember that we like to keep it real when it comes to the english language! If it’s a matter of character length, try to come up with another way to cut down the message!!

PINTEREST  – http://pinterest.com/kcrw
This project is good for visual people that love images and are comfortable coming up with something fun and timeless to say about the ones they discover on kcrw properties. 
Comment & LIKE
— Visit: http://pinterest.com/source/kcrw.com/ and then Visit: http://pinterest.com/source/blogs.kcrw.com/
These are all images from our website and blogs that people have pinned. Click like on the images that we haven’t already liked, and feel free to drop comments that are NICE and encouraging.  Don’t use any first person commentary, and don’t drop anything that is too specifically opinionated.

INSTAGRAM – http://web.stagram.com/tag/kcrw/
This project is good for people that love photography! Can you recognize a great image when you see one? Let our community know that you appreciate their iphoneographie!  
Once logged in, cruise that link and drop a fun/friendly comment on photos that are tagged #KCRW that haven’t been liked yet. Take a moment to figure out what the photo is and why they’ve tagged it. Be friendly.
If you see events from KCRW Presents shows that are particularly cool, consider adding them the #KCRWPresents Pinterest board.

This project is great for food and shopping lovers that know how to write a quick review type note and are interested to learn about the businesses you can patron to support KCRW! 
Once logged in, mouse up to the drop down at the top right, and select PAGE MANAGEMENT. Then “Act as KCRW.”
Add “TIPS” at the locations on the Fringe Benefits list. (find the print out that Monika keeps handy & physically cross out the ones you add – otherwise, will be tough to know.) Tips should NOT include details like the benefits exactly, it should be a timeless note, totally happy and exciting.
E.g. “Abbot’s Pizza is a Fringe Benefits provider of KCRW. If you’re a member, don’t forget to flash your membership card and enjoy your pizza with the satisfaction of knowing your purchase helps keep our independent radio station strong here in LA.”

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