I have tasked myself with physically documenting (thus inventing) the key characteristics of a persona (or perhaps 5) to represent the voice(s) of KCRW. I want to provide the folks that I work with a guide to how to speak on behalf of the station.  In theory this gives us a greater chance at distributing social tasks among a group while maintaining a consistent tone.

Meanwhile, I just realized that while I’ve been thinking about this for weeks, I have never taken the time to do the damn thing for myself. I guess because I’m a person, so I don’t need to invent an online persona…….

Yet, at present, a ton of self reflection is the result of my boss’ resignation and it’s made me think about how I market myself. I’ve certainly joked before about how through social media, we as individuals are turning into brands.

At any rate, happenings of late have sparked a lot of ideas for self-improvement. Perhaps that is why, upon gazing out over the backyard tonight, I was led to realize I DO have adjectives that I’d like to consistently apply to my online outreach efforts (and importantly, my public speaking persona.)

It seems like such a simple step. I’ve taken it for granted all this time, just being myflounderinginconsistentself online. Now if I can just gather to balls to hit the publish button without this all resulting in an online identity crisis.

Here are my adjectives.

  • Gracious
  • Energetic/Highly Productive
  • Savvy
  • Self-Aware
  • Educating
  • Opinionated
  • Humorous (or perhaps humored……)

Here are my areas of interest & expertise.

  • KCRW
  • Social Media
  • Music
  • Interior Design/DIY/Home Life in LA

Do you have adjectives and specific areas of interest?
Do you think this hokey new-agey bullshit and we should just be ourselves instead of contriving some packaged version to sell online?
Do you use Social Media to sell ideas and establish authority, or are you just there for info and entertainment?
Am I a freak of nature? 😉

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