Systemizing Social Media with an Editorial Schedule

The journey into the new job has taken KCRW down a new path where it comes to our social media. Mostly it has just been a decline in participation.
Instead of takin full responsibility as the sole community manager and status updater, I decided to open up an editorial schedule, put together a group of people at the station that seem well positioned to represent an area of coverage on our social media platforms, and then EDUCATE!
We start with Facebook. I put a schedule into a format that I thought would work. It’s broken out for you to examine here. And some notes appear below. The idea is that we have full coverage and individual voices and areas of coverage with specified times will create a cohesive look at the station overall.
6-9am Field Reporter “The Stories of LA” & News
9-Noon News Producer
Music Program Producer
To The Point, Which Way LA + WWLA BlogMusic, Morning Becomes Eclectic
Noon-3 CommunicationsProgram Producer Arts & Culture (2:30 programming)
Independent Producer Project
3-6 Music Program Producer Music, Morning Becomes Eclectic
Music Blog + KCRW Special Programming
6-9pm Field Reporter “The Stories of LA” & News
** ANYTIME Field Reporters and News ProduerCommunity Manager Breaking News w/ KCRW coverageSpecial Programming, KCRW Blogs & Giveaways, KCRW Presents & Special Events
Sat/Sun Field Reporter “The Stories of LA” & News
Sat 1-3 Program Producer Independent Producer Project
**Breaking News is always an exception to the time zones and it is expected that the news team is on point and in communication with one another about this shared responsibility.

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