Sitting on an airplane that is in the air that doesn’t provide in-flight wi-fi is the LAST GREAT space for me my mind to truly feel unbound. It’s almost freak outtable at first, as I keep finding myself reaching for some device, fumbling with airplane mode long enough to realize that I don’t have any apps that don’t rely on a connection. It’s hard to imagine that this used to be the way of the world.

I thought to myself though, I’m on a work trip, I should be productive. I’ll do some brainstorming for the newsletter series that Nathan and I have been meaning to kick off for the past few weeks, to outline what “accomplishments” look like in our dept. Thus:

betsy moyer hand drawn digital report 700

Here’s what it says if you can’t read my less than awesome graphics, here’s some text:

Welcome Megan & Brandon –> Interactive Producers
Megan = Programmer, Designer, Maker of the Internets
Brandon = Digital Content Producer, Photographer, Status Updater, Inventor of Organized Awesome

(Things we’ve built & launched)
– Metropolis
– The KCRW Store
– Capitol Campaign Page
– #KCRWmoves

We facilitated a live stream of IPP’s #radiowriting panel
(Thanks Rob)

We’ve released several new version of KCRW Radio App for iPhone lately. We are officially releasing version 2.0 now. Please delete your current KCRW Radio app go to iTunes. Find us, install us! And RATE US in the iTunes…. No one wants to use a ★★☆☆☆ app.

Optimized videos are a reality.
Smart Thumbnails, Annotations & Links, Tags & Descriptions, Successful Distribution
(Thanks Rob, Raul & Daph)

Did you know? Our software engineer ALEC is currently busy building a whole new version of our database

Caitlin, Alyssa, Collin, Saul, Avishay, Jenny, Tyler, Rachel, Harriet, Gary, me
Regular meetings and long educational emails are the current editorial plan for full facebook coverage. It’s an experimental time for widening the KCRW voice.


Rob! (is not a robot)
But he and Nathan facilitated a automation to our audio encoding process, maximizing efficiency.

We put together a spreadsheet of all the nuance of KCRW programming – previously residing solely in Nan’s incredible mind. It’s HUGE. She does a ton! Thanks Nan!

This helps us improve our processes to make more room forrrrrrrrr……………….


  • DnA
  • Metropolis Artist Interviews
  • The Organist
  • Ports (coming to the web soon)


Want some of this!? (or to know more about it)
Email webmaster at

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