I’d probably advise individuals that are trying to build up an online brand to have hobbies, and share those with their social community. They make an individual dynamic and authentic — plus that insight into your personality provides another hook for outlier folks to latch on to emotionally in your journey to deliver your message online.

I have a few hobbies, and I need to take my own advice. When it comes to this aspect of my own online identity – admittedly I’m a bit shy. Of course, I’m still a little shy about this betsymoyer.com identity too. I’m rocking a page rank 1 up in here, and for the  two plus years since I decided to turn this resume site into a chronicle of my own internet identity development – I’ve had no more than a hundred visitors on the site on any one given day, and little to NO effort has been put in promoting awareness of its existence.

That means that I’m holding myself back. Just wanted to be real about that for a moment.


Another place where I hold myself back…. but I don’t totally have the wherewithall to refrain – is by singing in bands!
I’ve most often passed on public karaoke but I’ve ALWAYS sat there watching others, longing to be the one singing that song, or racking my brain for the tune that I could nail, if only I had the gumption.

Somehow or another I have ended up with friends who have invited me to voice some back up here or there and I’ve even performed on a published EP and on stage all but TWO times for a brief and seemingly promising (but now defunct) project called Barbara. Now I’ve landed myself front of stage with a bandful of incredible talent, to sing 7 songs at The Satellite in Silverlake, Los Angeles. NBD…… just jumped from – afraid to karaoke to LEAD SINGER ROCK STAR.

On this day, the day of the show… I’m pretty emotionally spent. I’m so tired that I can’t even cognitively deal with the reality that 12 hours from now, these past few months of work will have been for a moment that is past. I feel a bit weak and terribly mentally ill. Nonetheless, we are made better by pushing ourselves into our wildest dreams.


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