Successful Community Sourced Contest: #PieBeer

KCRW’s GoodFood blog community is tight! With the help of the food truck sensation, and our fascination with juice cleanses, farmer’s market, plus a rich history of divey burger joints alongside being a magnet for the world’s best chefs – The LA food scene is a thriving culture to dabble in on social media. Plus, hey – who CAN’T relate to eating food?

So what happens if you pair that community with the micro-brew beer enthusiast community that is also evolving here in LA?

That is exactly what happened, when the Good Food blog team called upon me to help execute a community sourced name for a new beer, based on PIE, that they brewed up with The Bruery, I was totally into it.

I called up on the hivemind of the Facebook Page Managers Support Group for some ideas and here’s what we came up with. From “soup to nuts,” the artwork, the twitter chat, the language, and the decision to pop it simply into a WordPress page template was all conjured up in a day’s worth of work. (Granted I had to do it all from home to spare my ADD the possibility of distraction.) But, not bad for ideation and execution all in a day’s work.

See it here:

Over 220 legitimate name submissions poured in over the course of the 5 day contest. And our Monday afterrnon twitter chat was banging.


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