Public Radio in the Digital Age

Last month I put this live Google+ Hangout event together along with some other folks in the social media realm of the public radio sector. There is a rather compelling story behind how and why it all came together, that I may divulge some other day. I never would have imagined the complexity of politics in the public media world, but here is an example of a great event that was pulled together and pulled off with a real genuine sense of community. My deepest and most sincere thanks to all of those that participated in this conversation.


Here is the final product. An hour of conversation about social media, public media and the digital space.

And here is a little look at the stats the day after we aired.


One of my favorite questions from the audience:

Christopher Olin Jun 27, 2013
As social media and internet access to multimedia platforms become more of the norm, there seems to be an opportunity to redefine the identity types as broadcasters of information and opinion.  When network radio/TV/papers were the only ports to connect to the larger world, the “talent” delivering this message was a conventional identity.My question is what kind of responsibility do we have as broadcasters to develop an identity that may have a large influence?  Are we bound to some moral code akin to an older generation? Or are we free to say whatever we want?

And muchos gracias for the great post by Andrew Dubber on his site RADIO IN THE DIGITAL AGE.

I’d love to get your feedback for a possible follow up. Perhaps you’d like to join us!?
Google form here:




Lastly, for sheer purpose of posterity, this is the letter that I put together to request participation: 

Please join KCRW as a panelist in a discussion via “Google+ Hangouts *On Air”
To be held: THURSDAY June 27th at 11am PT.

In this day and age, it seems as though engaging your audience through social media is a more than an opportunity, it’s an expectation.

There are so many questions that come with harnessing a new platform. How do we translate the mission of public radio from on air to online? What’s our strategy and how does it change between different social media platforms? What is our personality and how do we shape our voice? How do we then measure these efforts? What does success look like?

We want to gather those of us immersed in this practice together, to answer these questions. It should be a valuable experience for us as well as the public radio producers that we will be inviting to join along.

I’d be very honored if you would participate!

If you are interested in talking about the details please let me know as soon as possible!

Thanks so much,


Our Google+ Hangout will emulate a classic panel discussion with up to 6 participating attendees, but we will all join in remotely. The discussion will stream to any number of folks interested in tuning in via YouTube, and we’ll be taking questions via Twitter. Google+ will be promoting along with KCRW  as a featured Google+ event, so we expect significant tune-in.

Our discussion will be moderated by Mike Macadaan, the CCO of Science. Mike is an advisor and entrepreneur who focuses on multidisciplinary strategies where the internet converges with the mission of simplifying modern life. He has spent over 12 years working in and around Silicon Valley, where “disruption” is a good thing. He is actively involved in the Los Angeles startup community (also coined ‘Silicon Beach’) and has proven his interest where public media meets tech by volunteering his time and staff’s expertise to KCRW’s own digital education efforts.


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