Betsy Moyer: Google Glass Explorer

My adventures with Google Glass are well underway. Here is a brief synopsis with links to everything that has happened. It’s been a fun and funny journey!

  1. Got Google Glass and accidentally initiated a video call with 43 of my closest only Google+ friends.
  2. Tried to figure out what the heck it is for?
  3. Took a Google Glass selfie in the mirror – with my iPhone. (I can’t quite articulate the humor in this.) here.
  4. Made some videos, took some pictures, tried to tether, made a dissatisfactory phone call.
  5. Took the Glass to the Beach for a Pier concert with my friends. here.
  6. Was interviewed by Frances Anderton for KCRW’s DnA and video recorded behind the scenes. here.
  7. Heard the DnA interview on the radio. here.
  8. Gave a KCRW volunteer a chance to geek out over the device. here.
  9. Kate’s dog sat on my laptop bag and broke it. here.
  10. Connie told me that I look UGLY in Google Glass! 😉 here.
  11. Wrapped some masking tape on my broken Glass for a fresh perspective on NERD REPAIR, here.
  12. I gave a 2 week notice at my job and now I don’t know what the fate of KCRW’s Google Glass is at all……
    What should they do?

Find a little menagerie of Google Glass content here on the KCRW Google Glass Tumblr page that I built, and or follow me on Google+ for less of a curated look into content creation.




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