Your Social Strategy: Automated or Editorial?

Why not both? Check it out:

Get a load of just how prolifically I am posting my business allll over the web on my new Rebel Mouse page. It includes an incredible embed that tiles all of my activity online. If you aren’t familiar, you must hop over asap and create your profile. Link up all of your social nets, toss in some RSS feeds from your various blogs and you’ve got an infinite scroll that includes the full scope of your activity across the vastness of the interwebs! I’m so into it that I’ve made it a permanent page here on my blog, and it will probably become my first most favorite link on the internet.

Here are a few links to a few Rebelmouse pages that show off the breadth of content that comes out of KCRW too. I found these to be fantastic resources for stepping back and getting the full picture of content that is coming out of the many content creators at KCRW. Seeing it all in this context, side by side helps me to determine strength in relation so that I can make great editorial choices.

A few more tools that help me to do make these editorial decisions routinely include – pulls the best of the tweets from the @KCRW/kcrw-staff Twitter list, here.
Trendsettr Topics streams – aggregates social content with links to a KCRW property into a single view displaying them in order of popularity, here. (Also available as a stream in Hootsuite.)
Facebook Interests List of all official Facebook pages of KCRW related programming and/or DJs, here.
ChimpFeedrRSS – Mashup a ton of feed together into one feed and save yourself some effort, here.
Also, I’ve been using FriendFeed for foreva, don’t know it’s fate – but it’s been doing this for some time, here. (RebelMouse is better)

So all of those tools help me out in making editorial choices for KCRW social, now let me talk about automation as a strategy, specifically for KCRW.

Someone once referred to it as Sprinkler. Automation is likely not the SOLE approach to your social media, as it certainly lacks the human touch and can occasionally go awry — but if you think of it as a way to keep your accounts fed with consistency, and you go back in as a human and augment those feeds with your touch of wit – you are bound for success. Remembering that the average lifespan of a tweet is 15 minutes and Facebook post is 3 hours, not to mention the variable that is your audiences stream – there is plenty of room to be prolific. Build your community with your human touch, but keep them happy and yourself sane with automation!

I use a few tools like,, and the RSS/Soundcloud automation to consistently smear KCRW content across multiple social platforms, here is a quick look at some of those recipes to help you think up your own ideas!

If KCRW Facebook page photo – then KCRW Tumblr photo
If IPP Blog the @KCRW twitter
If DnA Blog then @KCRW twitter
if #KCRWswagger Instagram then KCRW Swagger WordPress Post
If LAMC Tumblr then @KCRW Twitter
If KCRW Instagram photo then KCRW flickr photo
If Good Food Pie Post then @KCRW photo post w/ #pieaday
If New Flickr SET then KCRW Facebook photo post to album #KCRWpresents
Every 15th KCRW Tumblr post then @KCRW twitter
If Matt’s Movies Blog then @KCRW tweet
If LRC podcast then @KCRW twitter
If GoodFood podcast then @KCRW twitter
If GoodFood podcast then @GillianKCRW twitter
If Today’s Top Tune podcast then @BetsyKCRW Twitter

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