I quit my job, and now I’m a fulltime blogger!
At least that is how I have decided to position myself, since a certain level of insecurity swells in my throat if I say “unemployed.” I’m doing the whole soul searchy job hunt thing, only 2 days in, I’m excited. Let’s talk about it.

Today, I did something that used to be a HUGE part of my life, that I haven’t done in a long long time. I went to an art museum. I strolled slowly and quietly amid the art and I read the artists’ names and I sat on benches and stared! I pondered the Frank Stella, perhaps it is an analogy for my future.

Frank Stella
Frank Stella played host to a philosophical pondering session as to whether this piece could be an analogy for my future. I’m sure he’d be proud that I walked away knowing it’s really just paint.

I did this after lunch with a LACMA registrar and DEAR friend of mine, Emily Saccenti. We once worked together, back at the Hickory Museum of Art in North Carolina. We came out to LA together in 2005, both feeling we had grown too big for our britches working at the small town art museum, her as Curator, I was the Community Relations Manager.

Together, part of a staff of 5 full time employees, under new and somewhat radical direction, we pulled that organization along, from a sleepy institution having rested on the haunches of its impressive permanent collection for far too long, into the acquisition of a rather huge Outsider Art collection that had been lovingly put together by Hickory residents and collectors, Dr. Allen and Barry Huffman. I can’t say how that acquisition changed the perception of the museum, as we high tailed it out of there. Emily probably does a better job of keeping up!

That was my first REAL (e.g. non-internship) job out of college.

I’ve have since worked at FEW other jobs. Quitting is not something that I have had much experience with and every time I’ve done it it has meant a trip across the nation, to or from LA. They have been carefully planned and well executed…. Well, not counting that one poster shop art gallery job in Culver City where I worked for 3 months. I absolutely quit by accident while in conversation with my boss. I didn’t believe in that place.

At any rate, this latest experience was a HUGE life decision that I put a ton of thought into.  I couldn’t have come to the realization that it was time to move on without the immense support from (and endless conversations with) my loved ones… my dad, my friend Kate, but most significantly my significant other who is known lovingly in my blogworld as Heffe.

Once I realized that it was indeed what I wanted to do, I had to do it immediately. I couldn’t bear to head into the office daily, knowing that my heart was elsewhere. I turned in my resignation letter to KCRW’s dear General Manager just a little over two weeks ago, and did my best to wrap up my passions, position my goals to be easily picked up if the next person should so choose, and I tried to squeeze in as many loving coffees as I could with the friends that I’ve made there.

So what is next?

Nothing Really Mattress Anymore

That is an interesting question that I’m pondering with a range of excitement and fear. I sat at the end of a long table on Friday night, at an event that was perfectly positioned for public relations between media and some marketing ladies that are all behind some really interesting tech startups. It was a dinner to celebrate “Women in Tech.” I felt simultaneously invited and loved as well as totally undeserving – knowing that I was invited for my affiliation with KCRW. I had just that day departed. My introductions felt semi-fraudulent, an imposter on the scene, sitting alongside writers for LA Magazine, reporters from CNBC and BuzzFeed.

What if I’m never that important again!?!? 🙂

Screen shot 2013-08-06 at 6.46.42 PM

I decided instead to have a laugh at the PR girls as they moved my name card down a few positions from center once they learned that I was no longer with KCRW. I took a carefree jaunt down the driveway (we were at Sally Field’s previous home) to check out the wicked cool TeePee that the current owner setup for his kids to lounge in. It was PERFECTLY appointed btw. Our TEOT readers will love it.

betsymoyer tepee

My relaxed approach allowed me to truly take in what was happening. It was pure and modern marketing at its best. It was community building. Women forging genuine relationships with one another, not denying the REAL reason why they are there together, but loosening up in a beautiful way to really share conversation and engage over real life similarities, from working as a woman in this big beautiful fast paced sector that we call “tech” to trending dating apps and “smart” panties that vibrate at opportune times while reading erotica. (kid you not y’all – dinner convo.)

It was encouraging. I like this kind of work. I like these ladies. I like where media meets marketing, and I like community building, and I love “tech” in all its glorious and vague applications.

Betsy Moyer workspace

So, I’m hitting unemployment hard with productivity. I’ve deep cleaned our house, I set up a new, and quite cute, workspace. I’ve finished two books (of the self help variety,) I’ve signed up my well visited (10k/month) blog with Federated Media to FINALLY see about taking that long time effort to the next level, I’m engaging with many and often…. I perused the galleries at LACMA and reconnected with an always awesome friend, I’ve turned down about ummmmm, 6 freelance gigs (maybe I’ve accepted one) plus I have two interesting meetings coming up end of week that may or may not lead to answers… I feel crazy encouraged. I even bumped into a friend serendipitously today, a dude that writes for a living that is super smart in the digital space, that is also willing to put my name out there for me!

Perhaps I’m on some silly romantic/idealist trip… but I feel like I’m living. Clearing my mind, coming out of a trench to find that life wasn’t even a battlefield, I was just wrestling with a notion, something that felt direly important to me up until I realized that it didn’t matter because it was bigger than me…  Sometimes you just have to step away from the J-O-B… maybe you’ve made it something that got too personal.

Ah, KCRW is amazing…. The next person to step into the world of Digital Strategy for KCRW is primed and well positioned for a HUGE amount of success. That sweet sweet radio station is in great shape for the future and there is a very large community of people that love it! One thing that I can say is that I’m SO genuinely excited to cheer them along as they move forward. I’m sure there will be pangs of regret, that the victories and announcements will come with some bittersweet feelings on my end – I’ve identified myself with KCRW for the past, almost 4 years. I so deeply wanted to be there to see so many things through – things that will happen after I’m long forgotten there.

But, just like the jobs that have come before this one… they lead to the next and the next has only gotten better and better for me!

If you’ve made it this far in my emotional purge, I thank you  – deeply. Please consider dropping me a note so that I know you were here, so that I can feel encouraged and take your positivity with me into whatever is next! And please come back, b/c I don’t have a job I’m a full time blogger now – so I have a lot of time to build a community around blogging, soul searching, job searching and living! And community means us!

Much love!

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    • A friend sent me your blog. Courage! I love – and relate to – the part about fearing not being important ever again. I was actually fired from a management position (was told that my new boss “questioned my integrity”). Took several weeks, but decided to go back to school, and now, less than two years later, I am starting a bakery out of my own house. It should be up and running just in time for my 60th birthday.

      • Marianne!
        I’m so glad that you were able to turn that into a great outcome for yourself. I love it. Sounds scary!
        I’ve been thinking so much about following dreams since my departure. I thought that KCRW WAS my dream job – but I’m feeling really free and excited right now that I found the courage to see what is next.
        Congratulations on your Bakery. That sounds so exciting. You’re an inspiration! Thanks for stopping by and even more for leaving a note of encouragement!

  • I’m so excited to see where your passions lead you next Betsy. Thank you for being an incredible leader and role model. I hope our paths cross often. Cheers to the future! -Brandon

  • Betsy, I’m so excited for you and this adventure. I know it will be amazing and that you’ll accomplish much more than you set out to accomplish. You’re a very likeable person and being likeable and easy to work with are two of the most important qualities in a professional.

  • Great piece, Betsy! Remember, there will always be bigger and better. It was a pleasure working with you (even if it was just for a couple of weeks during my stint in the web room), and it was always fun just to share a smile in the hallway. Hopefully our paths will cross again soon!

    • Frank, you are a star! So glad that KCRW has you! Let’s stay in touch. I’ll be keeping my eye on your creative work via social! <3

  • I was deeply inspired by you the one and only day I ever met you Betsy – almost a year ago already! Your honesty in describing this exploration of yours is so refreshing. You are taking a leap of faith that many people (myself included) can only imagine. All the best to you, my dear, because the best is yet to come! I do hope our paths cross again. XO

    • Melina, that is a SUPER cool thing to say! Thanks for the encouragement. Come back out! It’s Pier Concert season again.

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    • Oh Joel! Thank you for you never ending support for all that I do… and for being the person that got me to give LA a shot 8 FREAKING years ago. Time flies. Grateful to you. 010011 111000

    • Haha! Thanks Christina! I often think about adventure and change when I see what you are up to! It’s an exciting time when you don’t exactly know what’s ahead! Enjoy Boston and living!

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