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One of the developments in this exciting time is a writing gig that I got with Los Angeles Magazine. For now I’m starting out with a once weekly contribution to their Lifestyle and Fashion blog, The Clutch!

Yes, those of you that know me well might wonder what in the world I am doing contributing to the fashion section of Los Angeles Magazine. Rest assured, I won’t be the authority on the runway – they will leave that to the professionals. Rather–as it was explained to me  (by the admirable Deputy Editor, Nancy Miller) she is looking for voices that represent the everyday experience navigating Los Angeles lifestyle, someone that appears to have a strength of self and is curious about her surroundings! That sounds a bit more like something I can handle!

Fake it till ya make it!

I was really into the fact that she seemed to get what I was about (she referred to me as a bohemian tomgirl, a bit fish-out-of-water as a Southerner living a very LA lifestyle) – and she gathered all of it from one night at dinner and a quick internet stalk session! The folks at LA Mag know what’s up, and I’m really excited to be a part of a collective that represents all of the complexities of this vast “balkanized” city.

So my beat is to just be me – explore Los Angeles culture and write about it from my perspective. They will have the experience and authority to guide me through what will be of interest to their community of readers, and I will bring fresh ideas in the same way that I’ve been writing and talking to you guys here and on The Estate of Things and via Instagram, Twitter, etc!

Check out my first piece here (it includes one of my FIRST ever Instagram Videos) and if you are my mother or my boyfriend — do me a favor and drop a note in the comments there so that they love having me contribute!!!

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