Modern Marketing Means Tapping into Both Sides of the Brain

Pairing the creativity and concept of an abstract expressionist with the mathematics of a pragmatic rocket scientist seems a bit counter intuitive, but for those of you succeeding in the modern marketing field – it’s just your nature and perhaps the recipe for your success. I’ve always marveled at the notion of being a Jack of many, but master of no trades! I’ve finally arrived at a place of giving myself some credit for the fact that being a jack of many trades is a mastery in and of itself in the modern world of social media marketing. Our curiosity gets the best of us, and we explore every new intriguing platform that crops up, carving out our voice across the vast landscape, leaving our “footprint” all over the web, and learning more about what and where our energies resound most effectively through our own intuitive analysis. I stumbled upon this infographic on Pinterest the other day. It points to that mastery. Mixing counter-intuitive traits, if not down right opposing forces – is special. Enjoy!

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