When I quit my job at KCRW, I felt a surge in support from tons of folks, from all walks of life. Family, friends, colleagues, even people that I’d never met yet felt a real friendship with through social media.

Thank you so much to all of you. It was such a rewarding time for taking a little soul searching dig.

I had this feeling somewhere within, that despite my love for KCRW and the “dream job” that it was – my home life was becoming more and more important. My friends and loved ones supported me as I came home daily, consumed with work goals and bad days, unable to focus attention on little else beyond work challenges. I’d all but abandoned myself in the way of hobby/passion projects that once brought me great joy. (The Estate of Things & VintageShastaCamper.com for example)

In retrospect, it was so insanely and perfectly timed for what fate had in store, that it boggles my mind.

Just two months after leaving KCRW, I was settling myself into my new gigs… contributor to LA Magazines’s Style blog, The Clutch – and more consumingly, the Creative Director for OnClick Marketing Group.

Then, the dude got sick, and what we thought was the flu, turned out to be something so much scarier. By now, almost a full month in, he’s just finishing up round two of chemotherapy to treat a cancer called Burkitt Lymphoma. It’s not a very common thing and please, don’t Google it – cause it looks so much worse than the particular shape that he is in. He’s a champ and he is responding really amazingly well. He’s acing all of his tests.

I am renewed. I feel grateful for almost everything life has to offer! Grateful that I got myself out of the 9-5 desk job and into a new adventure that could accommodate this crazy life change without too terrible a disruption. Grateful that I was working from home the morning that he fell from illness.

Whenever my moment came around at KCRW, the one where I decided that my life outside of work was important enough to me to take that leap and leave, and see what would be next….. well obviously I would have never expected this. But I guess there was some crazy cosmic juju thing going on, and it’s as if it just all makes sense now – it fell into place just perfectly so that we would be prepared to take this head on and have our situations optimized for his recovery.

So, that is where we are for the time being. We will still keep our eye on the long game goals, renovating the Vintage Shasta Camper, building on the successes of the OnClick Marketing business, weighing my time with a healthy dose of attention toward passion projects, and as for the short game… We’ll focus on getting the dude back on his feet.

Thanks again to all of you for your continued interest in what is going on!



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