Your Social Strategy: Daily Influencer Outreach

I started building out a punch list for a new client’s social platforms with a focus on influencer outreach and engagement.
Turns out, it is a pretty universal list for best practices.
Cruise through the bullet points and ask yourself if you’re doing these things as a part of your social strategy. Let me know what I should add or what has worked for you.

  • Build Influencer Lists on Twitter, categorize by niche or tier (tier meaning, level of reach or audience size).
  • Use Hootsuite to build views of  these influencer streams for easy access.
  • Add the streams to your phone app too so you can get busy tweeting while you wait in line at the grocery store.
  • Daily (if not multiple times a day) skim through and read the influencer streams. Engage on anything interesting, have conversations.
  • BE Cool dude… inspire influencers to want to know you based on your wit and participation in their conversation, or as my friend Kate says, tickle their compliment bone. I think she made that up and it sounds a little inappropriate, but she’s right. If you dig people’s tweets, tell ’em – but
  • Don’t show up empty handed. Have something to offer to the conversation.
  • Create an SMS alert notification for any @mention of @yourbrand. This way your alerted immediately when Alyssa Milano hollers back. — Reply immediately.
  • Share curated content from your influencers’ blogs and interviews from time to time, make sure its relevant to your overall brand…
  • Post your own blog posts to twitter so that your influencers can share your work. You could pimp out each post more than once, but space it out by several hours (6-8) and come up with something different and valuable to say as you frame the link…
  • GOAL: 8-15 tweets a day not including RTs

  • Organize your collection into focused and specific boards
  • Create a board for real life projects, and collect inspirations
  • Always update the caption with a little note on why you love it
  • <3 the images that you spend more than a few seconds enjoying and pondering
  • Visit “My Likes” from time to time to see if any patterns are emerging from the things you are into… Consider turning these patterns into a blog post roundup
  • Find influencers that you love and follow them so that you have a stream full of great designs to love on
  • Utilize categories and search to discover new content that you
  • PIN images from your site to a specific board… but be mindful not to be overly self promotional
  • Visit to see what content from your blog other people are pinning, like it comment on it to capture the attention of the original pinner.
  • GOAL: 10-20 pins per day


  • Follow people that inspire you to think about capturing your daily happenings in creative ways
  • Select a few favorite filters and STICK to them for a beautiful consistency to your profile
  • Don’t abuse the tilt shift function, follow the rules of true photography and depth of field for the blur
  • Cruise through your stream daily, and hit the <3 on images that you spend time enjoying
  • Make friends… Drop encouraging comments
  • Hashtags get more engagement, but use sparingly and with purpose
  • Skip documenting your breakfast plates.
  • If it isn’t beautiful, frame it so that it’s at least interesting
  • If its “noisey” and not in an artful way – don’t post it
  • Nosey refers to the fuzzy snowy flecks of colors that make up black…
  • Flesh should be flesh colored… don’t filter beyond reality unless artful
  • GOAL: 1-5 instagrams per day

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