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Betsy Moyer

Besides growing out this mane of hair, the following is an email that I just sent for an introduction to what all I have going on. I didn’t even MENTION the crazy news that in the next week, a press release will be going out, to announce my role as President of leading custom furniture design, retail and manufacturing outfit, Jaxon Home.


Here’s a little ditty about what I’m into in my days since quitting KCRW a year ago, where I launched 10 blogs, brought our social fan base from around 30k to 400k in a short number of years, helped launch the KCRW MusicMine iPad & iPhone apps – as well as produced an underwhelming YouTube video series called The Cue.

Over the past year, my long time friend, fellow musicmaker, and new biz partner and I refined his santa monica search marketing agency into one that accommodates full service digital marketing ideation. We focus on organic growth tactics. His expertise in SEO is unparalleled, and I run around with my expertise in Social Media Marketing and talk to business owners, throwing out audacious ideas for content marketing until one makes enough sense and fits the budget well enough that it sticks.

We’re building some new websites for a couple of KCRW DJs, we’ve created digital campaigns for clients from an educational rapping puppet video series, to an online macaron baking contest for bloggers… We’ve also delved into a unique code set on Shopify that allows custom furniture makers to extend some really cool functionality to their online shoppers through Shopify – which is an easy and great platform for small biz owners. Additionally, I publish for several blogs, contribute to LA Magazine, Audio Muffin & The Estate of Things. The last pot that I have my hand in is another top secret app project, in development and currently seeking funding. I’m in charge of community, content organization, presentation and taxonomy.

I’m also often told that my emails are too long.

If it seems at all like I don’t have any focus, rest assured – I question it too. 🙂
The great thing is that I’m flexible as a consultant and I’m beginning to understand that new ideas just spawn other new ideas. So I’m happy to discuss any new project to see if there is any value to my involvement or any recommendations I can make.

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