Kate has an AirBnB Empire and I help!

In 2018, Kate launched a second AirBnB unit and a third and then a fourth, making her a true biz owner!

If you are interested in your own AirBnB empire, here are the deets. Her strategy started out as AirBnB arbitrage. This means that she rented properties on a long-term lease, then after outfitting them, she rents them out for short term, with landlord permission of course. After a couple years of income under her belt, Kate has been able to purchase her Joshua Tree duplex from the landlord, making her a first time homeowner. She’s thirsty for more and awaiting the next investment opportunity.

Along the way, I have acted as an informal sounding board and shopping consultant for all things decor related. From paint color selection and online shopping, plus thrifting consultations via text message to pulling it all together in the end and styling each room for her photographers.

I feel a sense of pride in her overall look, proud of her for refining her decor sensibilities and pleased to have been involved. This was a particularly fun opportunity for me since I could do a lot of this advising from my cell phone while being busy with my own work plus a new baby at home!

Below are a few of the resources we use to communicate. These are commission links. Another perk for helping Kate pull these looks together are the affiliate commissions when she purchases a product from the collection below.


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