My Cancer Journey

My Cancer Journey: The Supplements I’m Taking

After reading about all of the supplements and their ability to shut down metabolic pathways in cancer, I was more than willing to jump on the long list of supplements provided by my Integrative Oncologist. But it was incredibly overwhelming….

My Cancer Journey: The Foods I’m Eating

LOW GLYCLEMIC • MODIFIED PALEO No Sugar • No Dairy • No Red Meat • Low Carb • No Egg Daily Goals ✔ Between 40 – 60 Grams of Protein Daily (no less no more) ✔ One cup of Berries a Day (no more, and no…

My Cancer Journey: The Books I’m Reading

Diagnosed in late September 2019, I have been diligently seeking treatment since. Early 2020, post chemo & radiation, my symptoms began to re-emerge and the tumor was determined to be active still. The next line of defense according to my…