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Kate has an AirBnB Empire and I help!

In 2018, Kate launched a second AirBnB unit and a third and then a fourth, making her a true biz owner! Her strategy is AirBnB arbitrage, which means that she has rented these properties on a long-term lease, then she…



I’ve stumbled upon the lady version of James Blake. I think she is my soulmate. I can’t capture my squee with words, for a lady music maker that appreciates a duet enough to texture her own vocals to such effect…

At the LA Zoo

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Perfectly Simple Meatloaf

Perfectly Simple Meatloaf

We needed some comfort food for boxing day, the day that we lost Maggie (Jeff’s pup of over 14 years.) It was a sad day and the house felt quiet even with kids still high on the excitement of Christmas….

Post Party Split Pea Soup

Post Party Split Pea Soup

Each year, I like to sink into the Christmas spirit in formal wear at my home alongside some friends and family. A few highlights are important to hit each year, hot cocoa and peppermint schnapps, a simple menu of cheese, meats and crackers, a…

Betsy Moyer

What I’m up to… in a nutshell?

Besides growing out this mane of hair, the following is an email that I just sent for an introduction to what all I have going on. I didn’t even MENTION the crazy news that in the next week, a press…

Flyer Handout Design

A friend of mine runs a business that has something to do with Escrow. I’ll claim ignorance. I have an escrow account, but I don’t know what it does. Jon’s company wanted to help Angeleno’s carry their grocery load since…

Urban Remedy Blog Update

The Urban Remedy marketing team reached out for a quick and dirty blog update. The terribly outdated blog template needed a cleaner, more modern look. In one evening, we quickly transformed the template as seen below. In the following weeks, a…