Effective Social Media: Adult Learning Theory

I recently read an article titled  7 Ways to Use Psychological Influence With Social Media Content. You can read it too, just click that title. It is a great article packed full of awesome insights. All of which deserve some time contemplating when and how I am applying theory to my own efforts.

I was just spouting a little Confucius blurb the other day as Social Media Philosophy. Well, here is that thought again, illustrated further with Edgar Dale’s Cone of Learning.

We just had a strategy meeting for the next blog that we’ll be adding the KCRW Blog Family, Which Way LA? One of the contributors, my friend Saul Gonzalez introduced a great idea for a multi-media blog post, that I really hope to see brought to life. I’ll line out that idea here, and you can feel free to use our example to further your own brainstorming process for how to work Dale’s cone into your content strategy!

… the trick is that it needs to be relevant, meaningful and usable. Adult learning theory says that adults are much more interested in content that addresses a specific problem they are having right now. If you want your social media content to stand out, don’t be afraid to get specific and target your audience very tightly. The more relevant your content is to a specific group of people, the greater attention it will receive.

The Which Way LA? blog is an online hub where the stories of local news and culture will intersect. It’s not just about WHAT is happening in Los Angeles and Southern California, but its about THE PEOPLE THAT IT AFFECTS. Saul’s idea was to put together a multi-media post with a video featurette, highlighting a specific trend in our local area. Specifically, he suggested Los Angeles Record Stores. This ties into local economics, as well as cultural relevancy. It also resonates with the KCRW community of music lovers! After using video to bring attention to some of his chosen record shops in different areas of town, the call goes out to readers to comment and share their favorite record shops. Also, a publicly interactive Google Map could be embedded, like so:

View Los Angeles Record Shops in a larger map

This presents a call to action to the community, encouraging them to become invested in the story, and help contribute to it. They can add their own YouTube videos to the map as well – and really highlight the emergence of small record shops in Los Angeles! They can also learn about new ones from one another in their area! But best of all, they have now touched on every level of the Edgar Dale cone of learning, because they’ve red, heard, seen, SAID & DID share in your content!

  • Do you use multimedia formats in your blog?
  • What do you find the most effective, images, video, audio, polling, interactive widgets?
  • How can we get our communities to SAY & DO for our brands? I have some ideas – stay tuned….. Big things for 2012.