Month: <span>December 2010</span>

Music that I love

New Fav: Reptar

Much gratitude to WeListenForYou who prompted me over to the MySpace page of Athens band, REPTAR on Monday. In the tradition of virality I now karmically pass this new discovery on to you. And because I LOVE our digital age, I emailed Poof and the boys for some info and permission to provide you with some tunes. Seriously, they are so very charming. Both signed their responses with love and let it suffice to say that the tone was more than humorous. “Of course wed love to get you some of our music! duh gurrrrllll!”

Friday night would be on the top 10 list of favorite nights ever if I could walk to Central here in Santa Monica & catch these guys playing. Maybe some day! The music is so undeniably appealing and fun that I can only imagine being present for their raucous dancepants. If you like Animal Collective and MGMT, or the recent ditties by The Naked and Famous don’t even bother asking yourself if you will like Reptar!? ***duh gurrrrllll!

I want to tell ya to relax and just enjoy the sounds for their FUN DANCEABLITY. However, its became evident by the repeat play and the girlish way that I daydreamt that Context Clues was not a song, but the script based on our love story typed out by a vintage typewriter and delivered to my home that they are songwriters TOO  songwriters that don’t know where I live or where I make romance!

So.. here’s the scoop. the Athens, GA quartet is a buncha younguns, college kids that must be spending a ton of time on the road convening between schools from Asheville to Atlanta, and playing gigs from Atlanta house parties to SXSW to Raleigh. 2 released singles (available on iTunes) and the forthcoming EP were produced by Ben H. Allen, who has worked with Animal Collective, Deerhunter, The Whigs, Matt & Kim, & Gnarls Barkley.  If that isn’t a sign of faith in the talent and the future success of this band, then you can just take my endorsement. ;)

OR hit play below and decide for yourself! I can’t wait to hear what you think!

Reptar: Context Clues

Reptar: Houseboat Babies
If you were lookin for a new anthem, this is it. It’s The Curish and would make the perfect soundtrack to a Brat Pack revival movie scene about young hipsters sexting in dark bars and smoking Williamsburg Camels.

Reptar: Canabbis Canyon

Reptar on Facebook

Reptar on MySpace