Month: <span>January 2015</span>

Music that I love



I’ve stumbled upon the lady version of James Blake. I think she is my soulmate. I can’t capture my squee with words, for a lady music maker that appreciates a duet enough to texture her own vocals to such effect that I thought for a moment at the beginning that she WAS duetting with a James Blake clone. This shameless move really creates a storytelling event of a song and I’m in full support!

The bedroom producer style electronic act is sparse with big effect, full of heartbreaking vocals with tinny effect that remind me of something that I want back! These songs are a lovely inspiration and are sure to be the soundtrack for a good part of my 2015.

I’ve had Station on repeat for days, and one thing that I’ve come to realize after several listens, that there is a beautiful nostalgia here for a time that I was cruising Los Angeles streets late at night with boots on, listening to other electronic acts with similar sound… including the much more organic and rusty sounds of the Rural Alberta Advantage. The song “Summertime” in particular.

I love how music can transport you with such tangible emotion to another time!

More to come from this breakout as she gains momentum. She’s on XL records along with my beloved beatmakers and autotune shakers, XX and Vampire Weekend… Rostam and Jamie XX forever… and now Låpsley too.