Meet Betsy Moyer

Betsy Moyer is a creative person.

She is an interior designer and digital marketing expert who cares deeply about home, wellness, and community. She is currently involved in several personal design projects including new construction and renovation while pursuing a Master’s Degree in Interior Architecture & Design from the Academy of Art University.

Betsy is a co-founder of The Estate of Things, a nationally recognized Interior Design brand she runs with her partner, Sarah. The duo behind the brand is best known for their blog and brick-and-mortar store, SHOP TEOT.

She is also a co-founder of The Blissfield Acres, an 11-home neighborhood development in North Carolina. As an investor and creative director, she guides the material selections for each build. Additionally, she manages all photography and web assets for marketing home sales.

Betsy’s previous professional experience has afforded her many creative design opportunities. Outside of her Interior Design work, she has managed projects that include graphic design, website design, branding, and user experience for software app development. She builds her interior design practice on a decade plus in digital content strategy. She has always loved weaving a story throughout her design work. She served as director of digital content strategy for NPR affiliate radio station KCRW and has made her way to upper management for each organization she’s worked for, including The Design People, The Hickory Museum of Art, Buildlane, and more.

Betsy is passionate about doing good for the world, donating to support the Miry’s List, a program for refugees in LA, and the Exodus Road, a nonprofit fighting against human trafficking. She is also a monthly supporter of many other causes built around topics she cares about including public media, black lives, common sense gun control, and women’s bodily autonomy. She is a proud mother to daughter Julianna, a singer in the band Luxembourg Signal, and a stage four cancer survivor with a vision and drive for life.

  • Sarah

    I love this new comprehensive Betsy site, everything Betsy at your fingertips!

  • David

    Hey Betsy! We love what you do, may I speak with you about an industry event being planned for the fall in Memphis, TN?

    1. Betsy

      Of course. Email me. betsy at

  • Ralph Torres
    Hello Betsy, want to share with you some of my music, please give a listen Ralph

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